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Get Shiny Long Locks Of Hair

With laser technology and hair growth products, we want to make your hair look beautiful and strong. Our products are all safe and have been tested by scientific experts so that you can use them to keep your hair growing and beautiful. You can get a free consultation from our team to see what product combinations suit you best and how frequently you should use them.

Protect Your Hair

You can use our range of natural shampoos, oils, serums and conditioners to protect your hair and make it grow long and strong. Our products do not leave any residue, keep your hair colour intact, and are safe and easy to apply. You can use it either during the day or nighttime, and they are all scientifically tested to help formulate hair growth and keep it from becoming dull. Alongwith this, we also provide laser technology and derma roller technology to make your hair grow longer.

Derma technology uses derma rollers to give your scalp a boost of circulation so that your hair cells grow longer.

Once the hair cells start growing, you can prevent thinning with laser beam technology.

This will keep your hair growing long and strong and prevent the roots from dying.

You can then ask our staff for the recommended vitamins to keep your hair in good health and help it keep growing naturally.

You can come back for scalp checkups at any of our clinics to see how well the treatments and medications are working.


Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss affects both the male and female population, but it is more intense in men due to Androgenetic Alopecia. This is a condition where the hair follicles start receding due to a reaction to a growth in testosterone. As the hormone Dihydrotestosterone grows in males, the hair follicles become sensitive to it and start receding, leading to male pattern baldness. This will cause hair to recede at the top and the sides of the hairline.

● Since females also have male hormones, they are also prone to this condition and can face baldness and hair thinning.
● This creates a massive problem for males and females of any age group and must be combatted. You can do away with hair loss and thinning by using our specialist services like laser technology and natural products to make your hair follicles grow. You can get make those tiny peach fuzzes grow in abundance.
● With our cordless laser technology, you can use this product effortlessly to improve the blood circulation in your scalp. This will promote cell growth and protein synthesis to make your hair follicles grow longer and silkier.
● You can combine this without natural shampoos, conditioners, and serum treatments to keep your hair growing stronger. These products are suitable for your scalp and make it less sensitive to the Dihydrotestosterone hormone.

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Pricing Plan

Service 1

Derma Roller

  • Our Derma rollers are all certified and are not painful at all.
  • Our staff will first do a free scalp checkup.
  • This will help determine the areas where the rollers are needed.
  • After this, the staff will use the rollers on these areas.
  • This will stimulate the hair tissues and make them grow.
  • Our staff then massages your scalp with oil.
  • They do a final checkup of your scalp to see if the treatment worked.
  • You can come back for a free checkup after a week to see how it’s working.
Pricing Plan

Service 3


  • Our Laser beams are also advanced and have been certified.
  • Our staff does an initial checkup to determine the hair follicles.
  • After finding the follicles which are stunted or not growing, our staff starts the treatment.
  • We use laser beams to biostumlate your hair follicles so that the roots grow longer.
  • After the treatment, we massage your hair follicles with oil to keep them healthy.
  • We then do a final checkup and recommend any shampoo and conditioner.
  • You can come back for a free checkup after a week to see if your hair follicles are fine.
Pricing Plan

Service 3

Combination Service

  • Our combination services include laser technology with medication like vitamins.
  • Our experienced staff will first check the stage your hair roots and follicles are in.
  • If your roots are in the transient or growing stage, they will start the laser treatment.
  • This will help the hair strands grow long and prevent any thinning or balding of your hair.
  • Our staff will then check your hair to see what vitamins can help your hair grow naturally.
  • Accordingly, we recommend vitamins like zinc or saw palmetto depending on the situation.
  • You can come for a free checkup after a week to see if this has helped your hair become healthy and long.

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