Australia's #1 Hair Loss Treatment. Leimo Hair Regeneration System

Discover the regrowth secret to thicker, fuller, healthier hair

Scientifically proven to get results, the Leimo Personal Hair Laser combines Low Level Laser Therapy to create a process known as Photobiostimulation.

This process promotes better hair growth by improving circulation and delivering oxygenated blood and nutrients into the hair roots. LLLT and LEDT also stimulate the scalp cell and create the new hair follicles in the dermis.

With the help of the stimulating bar made of urethane rubber, the weakening and dormant hair follicles are reinvigorated by the effects of massaging and acupuncture.

The results are further enhanced by the use of an optical diode which also allows for safe hair and scalp restoration, with no side effects. Additionally this system keeps active follicles at peak efficiency, thereby ensuring the hair is healthy and continues to grow.

No expensive doctor appointments required

This simple and easy to use laser can be used in the privacy and convenience of your own home, without the need for expensive doctor appointments or dangerous prescription medication.

Add to this our range of all-natural hair and scalp products, which are designed to help correct hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies of people suffering from hair loss when used with Laser laser treatment, and it’e easy to see why thousands of men and women have already chosen Leimo.

Leimo for hair thickening

Key benefits at a glance

  • A holistic solution to hair loss.
  • TGA Registered Medical Device.
  • Over 96% success rate.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No reported side effects.
  • No prescriptions or medical consults required.