Australia's #1 Hair Loss Treatment. Leimo Hair Regeneration System

Enjoy the trust, reassurance and confidence of Australia’s leading hair growth company


Established in 2006 and part of the InnovaDerma™ Group, Leimo has fast developed into one of the most well known brands in Australia and globally for Hair Loss Prevention and Restoration for men and women.

For the past nine years Leimo has helped tens of thousands of customers in more than 55 countries around the world.

When you buy a Leimo product you are assured of the strength of the brand, history, network and support not only in Australia but globally too.

We’re completely transparent and open in the way we work

With Leimo, we make sure that you completely understand your financial commitments right from the outset. That means we’ll never try and upsell or cross sell you on anything. It also means that, unlike many other hair treatment companies, we are committed to ensuring you don’t end up paying out large sums of money while trialing our range of treatment options.

As much as possible, we aim to be open and transparent about our products. This is in contrast to other businesses that provide no details on their website of the programs they are offering. They basically want you to visit their clinic first, in person, so they can hit you with the big sales spiel – and get you signed up for a costly, long-term program, which may not work for you and without any money back guarantee.

What’s more, as we don’t have any expensive offices in the CBDs of major cities, or an army of sales people, doctors and treatment staff, it means, we are not continually trying to claw back high operational costs by selling our products at an inflated price.

Experience the Leimo difference

We’ve already helped thousands of Australian men and women regain their confidence with our breakthrough hair growth products.

Here are just some of the reasons they chose Leimo first. We offer:

  • ab_img2Extensive pre and post program support through the Leimo Customer Support Team.
  • ab_img3A cost effective hair growth solution, when compared to some clinic-based treatments, which can cost up to $10,000 per year.
  • ab_img4A product that can be used in the privacy of you home, and without the need to visit a clinic.
  • ab_img5An easy-to-use hair growth solution that incorporates an inbuilt timer, which conveniently shuts off the laser after each treatment.
  • ab_img6A laser product that gives you the flexibility to be used anywhere and anytime due to its unique cordless handheld design.
  • ab_img7A 100% natural hair care solution formulated using only “Therapeutic Grade” plant essences.