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Remedy for Baldness in Male

best hair loss treatment comparisonAlthough some men can rock the bald look suavely like Bruce Willis and Jason Statham, not everyone is bold enough, or has the confidence, to sport this “tough guy” hairstyle.

So, unless you’re born with a swagger like these famous Hollywood movie stars, you need not do something about your receding hairline. But, if you think you can’t pull off the bald look, then here is something you must do to regain the health of your hair.

First off, to find the right remedy for baldness in male, you need to understand the nature and cause of your hair loss condition. This is essential to learn the proper means on how to hinder its onset, thereby attaining healthier hair in the process.

Studies showed that almost 50 per cent of men experience some type of baldness at varying points in their lives. Men, compared to women, have a greater chance of losing their hair at an earlier age since the male body produces testosterone (the male constituent of dihydrotestosterone) in greater amount. The reason behind male hair loss or pattern baldness in men is the genetic inherited sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a body metabolite created by the combination of the male hormone, testosterone, and the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.

DHT’s leading function is to build up the primary sex characteristics in males while still in the embryo, and then soon after develop the secondary sex characteristics during puberty. DHT then continues to play a significant role in sexual functions throughout the life of men.

However, at times, the overproduction of DHT may induce the onset of hair loss and hair thinning problems in men. This happens when the extreme production of DHT in the scalp obstructs the hair follicles, weakening the hair bulbs and deteriorating the h

air roots. The shrinking of the hair follicles contributes to the creation of smaller, thinner and finer hair strands that later on results into a receding hairline.

With the damaging effect caused by the overproduction of DHT in the scalp, physicians believe that the best remedy for baldness in male should be a good DHT blocker, a product that inhibits the overproduction of DHT in the scalp.

DHT blockers are specifically created to counteract the effects of DHT on the hair follicles, promoting optimum environment for the growth of healthier, stronger and thicker hair strands. Generally, commercialized DHT blockers or inhibitors come in the form of topical solutions such as gels, serums, shampoos, lotions and conditioners. What’s common in all DHT blockers is that they are enriched with herbs like saw palmetto, stinging nettle, pygeum and green tea extracts.


These herbs, which are natural DHT inhibitors, work against the damaging effects of DHT on the hair follicles, thereby preventing the onset of hair loss and hair thinning problems. By hampering the over production of DHT, the hair follicles are given a good opportunity to be healthy again through enhanced blood flow and adequate supply of nutrients in the roots. When this happens, fuller, thicker, stronger and healthier hair strands are produced.


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