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Of Problems Relating to Baldness in Women

Baldness in WomenExperiencing hair loss is a part of growing old. But then it is a sad thing that society has chosen to reject the fact that every person would eventually grow old—making the hair loss sufferers think that having this condition is the end of their social lives.

Partly, we can blame the media for the negative connotation of hair loss or baldness. In movies, books and television commercials, the villains are often portrayed as bald weaklings and losers while the heroes are often portrayed with having dark, shiny and youthful hair.  Because this is what people see all of the time, society started to believe that the definition of beauty is directly attributed to having radiant and luxurious locks.

Although men and women experience hair loss, society is more forgiving when men lose their hair as it would be attributed to wisdom. However, when women lose their hair, a lot of times they are being scrutinized and ostracized. This is the reason a lot of women would slip into sadness or, worse, depression when they experience hair loss and thinning hair problem.

Beauty, charm and femininity are always associated with the hair; thus, baldness in women is deemed as a curse. But girls, before worrying about your hair loss condition, bear in mind that beauty is not only about physical appearance. You can be beautiful despite your hair loss when you feel confident about yourself. A few years back in films, women decided to go for the shaved head and proved that they could still look beautiful. Remember Demi Moore in G.I. Jane? Even the Oscar winner Natalie Portman also opted for a bald look in the movie V for Vendetta. Somehow, people are able to accept them with fascination; and instead of being ostracized, they were commended for such confidence and courage.

Hair loss is not an easy thing to handle, especially for women. It may seem very hard to accept that you are losing your hair, but the only way to rid yourself of the depression and the despair associated with hair loss is to accept the whole thing and realize that life goes on!

Keep in mind that although it is given that baldness in women could shake one’s self-worth, it is never the end of the world. Women should simply embrace the condition and start living their lives normally. With the right hair loss treatment, the hair would regrow; and before you know it, you will be able to live a normal life once again.

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