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Searching for the Right Treatments for Baldness

Right Treatments for BaldnessToday, treatments for baldness in fast becoming a million dollar business. The growing demand for hair regrowth products could be attributed to the increasing number of people who suffer from hair loss and thinning hair conditions.

While it is a fact that there are hundreds of hair loss products in the market, there is no easy way of identifying which one is the best for your type of condition. To effective find the right treatments for baldness, you need to know what type of hair loss you are experiencing and what causes the condition. It is only then that you would be able to narrow down your search for the right hair loss product.

The Cause Baldness

The cause of baldness in men and women is a determining factor of how different the condition occurs in both sexes. This means that some products that are used for treating hair loss and hair thinning problems in men would not work on women. However, there are times when the treatments for baldness are compatible to both genders; one such treatment is laser phototherapy.

In men, the leading cause of hair loss and thinning hair is the hormone – dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a byproduct of the male hormone, testosterone, and the enzyme, 5-alpha reductase. DHT weakens the hair follicles, producing finer, thinner and shorter hair strands. In women, hormonal reactions and fluctuations could induce the onset of hair loss as in the case when one would get pregnant or reaches the menopausal stage.

How to choose a good Hair Loss Product

In choosing a good hair loss product, you must avoid the ones that contain chemicals that induce complication or side effects. For you to choose the most suitable hair loss treatment, you would need to do a thorough research about the product of your choice. With the advent of technology, consumer reviews are available for people who want to learn more about the product, its cost, how it works as well as the possible complications that may ensue. Reading product reviews, in reliable websites, greatly helps in understanding the product; hence, giving you an overview on what the product could do for your hair loss condition.

If you have a physician who can help you out, then you can ask him or her about possible treatments for baldness that you can make use of. Following your doctor’s recommendation would also be helpful in finding the best hair loss treatment that is suitable for you!

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