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Of Finding the Best Baldness Treatment

Best Baldness TreatmentFinding the best baldness treatment is like finding the right partner in life. Sometimes we think that we’ve found the right man or woman, only to see our hearts broken at the end of the relationship. If you’re like so many people who always end up with the wrong “man or woman for the job,” you’ve most likely begun to doubt yourself and feel disheartened because you haven’t been able to spot “the one” from the wrong ones soon enough.

The same is true with hair loss products. The distress brought about by hair loss coupled by the disappointments from using dysfunctional products can be heartbreaking, especially when baldness is inevitable.

The key towards finding the best baldness treatment is a thorough research. In relationships, sometimes people hook up with strangers who they hardly even know. Some people suffered waking up from one-night stands, from cheating boyfriends or girlfriends, or from disclaimed homosexuals. If only those people practiced due diligence to get to know the other person, then maybe they would have saved themselves from future heartache. Instead of finding another romance going down the drain, they can even get the best out of it or simple walk away and save themselves from heartbreak.

Just like knowing a person, it is very important to research and learn about the best baldness treatment. This is essential in order to avoid costly yet ineffective hair loss products. Reading the labels and familiarizing the different components in a product’s formulation is like learning every aspect of a person’s personality to match your compatibility.

Two harmful substances that should be avoided in finding the best hair loss product are the following:

  • Propylene glycol (PG) — a surfactant or wetting agent, and a solvent that is often used in creams, shampoos and hair conditioners. Propylene glycol, which is an alcohol-based formula, causes tearing, burning, itching, redness and conjunctivitis
  • Isopropyl alcohol — a denaturant and solvent found in a large range of chemically formulated hair loss products. Isopropyl alcohol is a harmful chemical that dries out the hair and breaks it off, inducing brittle, dry and lifeless strands.

Most hair loss products on the market today contain these two harmful substances that are toxic to the hair strands. That being the case, you need to know how to spot the right one from the wrong ones. In choosing the best baldness treatment, you need to base your buying decisions on the ingredients of the product and the total package to avoid falling for fraudulent ones.

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