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A Simple Baldness Solution to reduce stress in your life

baldness solutionThe typical western diet does not have adequate nutrients needed to sustain the growth of thicker, fuller and healthier hair strands. This is one of the main reasons hair loss is so common in western society and so rare in many eastern regions.

Healthy diet plays an important role in hair growth. Poor diet or improper eating habits can be a triggering factor that induces hair loss and hair thinning condition.

If your body lacks certain vitamins or minerals, hair loss is likely to occur. This is why many anorexics suffer from hair loss in patchy clumps. Even healthy eaters may not get the right amount of nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. That’s why as a simple baldness solution, it’s advisable to take a daily multivitamin supplement to make up for any diet deficiencies.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are essential in order for our body to withstand the physiological damage that stress and other conditions may bring. In both men and women, stress is believed to be among the leading factors for non-genetic hair loss. People under severe emotional or physical stress are more likely to experience hair thinning and loss. That being the case, as a simple baldness solution, you need to make an effort to reduce stress in your life. Stress can be eliminated by exercising, meditating, or simply cutting back on your work schedule and taking more time for yourself.

Walking, as baldness solution, encourages proper growth of the hair since it improves blood circulation throughout the body including the scalp. The increase in blood flow helps deliver sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots, encouraging the proper development of the hair follicles. Walking, which is said to be one of the best anti-ageing and stress-relieving activities, helps remove toxins in the body, stimulating healthier skin and hair.

Another way to eliminate stress levels to stop hair loss is through scalp massage. Massaging the scalp helps stimulate blood flow in order to relieve tension. In addition, lying down on your back with your feet propped up against a wall for about 20 minutes is a good way to get blood flowing to the scalp. Moreover, deep breathing can also eliminate stress, stopping hair loss in the process. Doing both these simple tricks should feel more relaxed after it is done.


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